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Lightbulbs for blog

Although they are only the fourth lighting technology in the history of humankind, LED lamps are transforming the industry. Everyone in construction has heard of LED’s and most can tell you a thing or two about them:  LED stands for light emitting diodes, they’re efficient, and they’re expensive.  True, true, and much more competitively priced than you may think.  Here are a few informative facts:

Efficient – LED lamps convert a whopping 60 percent of their electricity into light, compared to their cousin, the incandescent bulb, which only converts 5-10 percent.  Because they consume far less electricity, you pay less, you pollute less. A win-win.

No “White” Light – Common LED colors include amber, red, green and blue.  Technically, there is no such thing as a “white” LED.  To get white light a phosphor coating is used to mix down converted yellow light with blue to produce light that appears white.  These coatings produce a variety of shades of white light ranging from warm hues comparable to traditional incandescent bulbs to cool colors that mimic natural daylight.

Controls – One significant advantage of LED lighting is its superior controlability.  The semiconductors at the core of LED lamps allow for remote control as well as the ability to program your lighting settings to meet your specific needs throughout the day.

Robust – LED lamps are unexpectedly rugged.  It’s hard to break an LED lamp, but should you manage to do so, a special coating prevents flying shards.  As an added bonus, there’s no mercury to clean up.

Responsive – Not only are LED lights dimmable but they turn on to their full brightness immediately.

Competitively Priced – Today’s 60-watt LED lamps range from $10-$14, a huge reduction from the $70 they were commanding just 4 years ago.

Energy Star – Not all LEDs are created equal.  Poorly designed versions can skimp on efficiency, burn out much sooner than expected and provide inconsistent light.  Opt for lamps which have met the Energy Star certification to ensure the best quality.

LED solutions are perfectly suited for retail concepts.  They provide a wide range of effects contributing to the overall customer experience and allow you to customize the scene for every occasion.  Switching to LED lighting lets you use the power of light to enhance the ambiance in your retail outlet.

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