At MRP Design Group our project management services cover a wide range of deliverables.

Permitting Services

We submit the necessary drawings, signed and sealed by a registered professional engineer or architect, to the appropriate permitting agencies. Deliverables may include the following: prepare application(s), file and follow-up with applicable agency, obtain permits, demolition permits, building permits, electrical permits, mechanical permits, plumbing permits, grading permits, street improvement permits, environmental health permits, pressure vessel permits, health department permits and fire department permits.

Bidding Services

MRP can recommend contractors who can execute the defined scope of work with minimum supervision and strict adherence to cost containment procedures for any identified extras. Our selection is based on our own prior experience with the contractors, their experience and qualifications, and recommendations by others.

We prepare site-specific bid documents and forward them to the contractors. The bid package consists of instructions to bidders, drawings and specifications, and may include:

  • A brief statement of scope of work
  • Due date for return of bids with a description of documents required from the bidding contractor
  • Project drawings and specifications to be returned with the bid package, marked up with revisions, if necessary
  • Health and Safety Plan requirements
  • Communications requirements
  • Cost containment procedures to be followed
  • Requirements for equipment trailer and office trailer
  • Acceptability of alternates, provided the contractor can demonstrate adequate like, kind and quality comparisons
  • Insurance requirements
  • Bonding requirements
  • Release of Lien requirements
  • Contact person from MRP Design Group to whom questions can be directed and with who project milestone coordination will take place
  • Coordination of a pre-bid meeting at the site for contractors to review site-specific layout and understand project logistics
  • A statement that the contractor shall pay for all necessary permits and licensing fees and follow all federal, state and local regulations related to the project, including regulations as prescribed by OSHA
  • Proposed procedures for modifying the schedule stated in the bid
  • A requirement that the contractor state any and all assumptions pertaining to the preparation of their bid
  • Project drawings and specifications that must be returned with the bid package, marked up with revisions, if necessary

Project Initiation

After contracts are awarded, the MRP Design Group Project Manager can organize a pre-construction meeting. Representatives of MRP and the selected contractor attend to discuss project specifics. The meeting agenda may include:

  • Discussion of communication channels for the project
  • Cost containment requirements
  • Health and Safety Plan approval and execution
  • Federal, state and local permitting issues
  • Site-specific issues and questions including utility protection, any revisions to original project scope and schedule
  • Discussion of pre-notification milestone that must be communicated to MRP Project Manager for project supervision efficiency
  • Logistics of staging trailers, equipment, materials and supplies
  • Project listing and contact names and phone numbers

Construction Coordination

MRP Design Group can provide an experienced construction manager, under the direction of the project manager, to perform periodic site inspection services during the construction phase of the project. Responsibilities may include:

  • Meet with regulatory officials to coordinate project activities
  • Review and administer change order requests
  • Provide value engineering of materials and methods during construction
  • Preparation of progress reports including percent completed, exceptions to contract, initiated or pending scope changes and overall project progress
  • Review of invoicing for accuracy, form and completeness
  • Development of project completion report



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