By building trust and forming long-term relationships with our clients, MRP Design Group serves as an extension of your team, delivering solutions that solve their most complicated needs.

By definition architects are holistic thinkers, ensuring all aspects of a project come together seamlessly.  Whether you are undertaking a rapid expansion or a system-wide remodel, MRP Design Group’s program management services provides our clients who are rolling out a National Building Program with the expertise in construction oversight and administration needed to implement these large capital management programs.  Our depth of bench, including architects, engineers and program managers, provides our clients with the additional resources needed to successfully meet their complex development needs.

AARON’S – National Building Program

MRP Design Group designed two prototypes for Aaron’s national ground-up building program.  We worked to site adapt the standard building designs to over one hundred different properties.  We handled all architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services as well as worked with a national civil engineering firm to coordinate building and site requirements.  MRP Design Group served as an extension of their facilities team providing the project management services to communicate the status of design, permitting, bidding and construction to Aaron’s construction design team.

ZAXBY’S – Corporate Architect

MRP Design Group serves as Zaxby’s corporate architect for all remodels, conversions, and new store construction. MRP has worked closely with Zaxby’s construction team to develop prototype buildings including designs for 50, 60, 70 and 90 seat versions.  Along the way, MRP has greatly improved the design of the building with proven cost savings and numerous operational advances.  We have designed over 130 Zaxby’s restaurants and currently have 30 restaurants in the pipeline.

WENDY’S – National Re-imaging Campaign

MRP Design Group works with corporate Wendy’s to develop complete permit, bid, and construction drawings for striking building remodels including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. We adapt standard design drawings to integrate with various types of original building construction. Our team handles all permitting services for building remodels and manages design updates for various modifications and changes by corporate Wendy’s.



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