At MRP Design Group our engineering services range from site development to MEP drawings.

Site Development

We develop a site plan indicating locations of the main building and all structures as well as parking, ingress, egress and traffic flow.

Civil Engineering Services

Using the survey and geo-technical information along with the most current and applicable codes for a specific site, MRP Design Group develops a complete set of site engineering drawings. Deliverables may include the following: site plan, grading/erosion control, hydrology analysis, pond design, site utilities, site lighting, landscape design, retaining wall design, lift station design, ramp design & permitting.

Architectural and Engineering Services

Using the most current and applicable codes for a specific site as well as client input, MRP Design Group develops a complete set of permit/construction drawings in order to construct the proposed improvements. Deliverables may include:

Architectural Drawings

Our standard architectural drawings include: cover sheet, dimensioned floor plan, roof plan, exterior elevations, building sections, interior elevations, wall sections, reflected ceiling plan, restroom plan & elevations, finish schedule, equipment schedule, door schedule & details, window schedule and details.

Structural Drawings

Structural drawings include: general notes, foundation plan, roof framing plan and all related sections and details.

Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical drawings include: HVAC plan and schedule as well as all related specifications and details.

Electrical Drawings

Electrical drawings include: power plan, riser diagrams, lighting plan, panel schedules and site electrical.

Plumbing Drawings

Plumbing drawings include: water plan, waste plan, riser diagrams and all related specifications and details.



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