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1967 Mustang Fastback Stripped for Shelby Restoration
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Mustang Project:  August 2016

Well the Mustang has been completely disassembled. The body and frame were taken to a special shop where they removed all paint from the original metal. Hard to imagine that it has been almost 50 years since this body has been down to this point.

Sadly we found rust damage in many more places than I would have imagined. I remember putting carpet in the car in 1978 and the floor of the vehicle was pretty solid. But then that was over 37 years ago.

Overall the car is solid and the next step will be to prime and then spray a special sealer on the bottom side to protect and seal the metal of the car.

Phil, the shop owner, says that the cars always come apart much faster than the go together. They have several body spots to touch up. After the raw metal is primed and sealed they will begin to fit the new fiberglass “Shelby” body items to the vehicle.

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