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Clay Dalton MRP Team Member Sales

Stroll down the hall past Clay Dalton’s office and chances are he’ll never notice. In the 11 months he’s been on the team he’s been through 4 pairs of headphones, yep, FOUR.  It’s not that he’s ignoring the rest of us, he’s just one of those who does his best work when his mind is busy.  Maybe you know the type.  Maybe you are the type.

Clay may have just received a nameplate on the wall last December but technically, he’s been on the team, on and off, for almost 20 years, longer than most of us. Back in his younger years he served on the weekend cleaning crew and was paid in ice cream. Yes, his dad (and President of MRP Design Group) Ken Dalton, would pack his boys in the car on Sunday afternoons and head to the office to tidy up.

Clay has been in sales for over 4 years and enjoys the relationships he is building with MRP Design Group’s clients and team. Meeting prospective clients and walking them through the sometimes daunting A&E process is one of Clay’s strengths and a highlight of his job.

  • Graduated with a degree in Business Management from Georgia Tech in 2013.
  • Served as Pitcher on the Georgia Tech baseball team during his 4 year tenure.
  • Second year coaching the JV baseball team at his high school alma-mater.
  • Third year coaching his son’s t-ball team, and the child is only 5!
  • A typical day: Work. Fatherhood. Baseball. Repeat.

You can reach Clay directly at 770-917-9172 x 106.

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