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1967 Mustang Shelby Clone Stereo System

Well, the last step of the 67 Mustang Shelby clone restore is the addition of a state-of-the-art design stereo system. The completed system sounds great! 

After speaking with, and visiting, several shops in the area we selected Monster Customs.

Funny how 20 years ago, car stereo retail stores were abundant. Today you only have a few to pick from and the quality swings from good to poor. Monster Customs has a long history of quality work. They install stereo systems in some of the most expensive cars on earth. They also specialize in other car enhancements ranging from tire and wheel upgrades to complete motor and drive train systems.

The funniest part of my stereo search was hunting down a system with CD capacity. Remember those?

Today’s systems are well matched to work with smartphones which everyone seems to have. The Alpine Halo 9 does a great job of fitting into a very small dash profile while providing a large touch screen for easy operation and control. This system links right into my iPhone and displays things like phone list and directions from my phone based GPS systems.

If you are ever looking for a quality stereo system install I would encourage you to check out the facility and staff at Monster Customs in Marietta, GA.   



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