Working with a Huey Magoo’s franchisee, MRP Design Group developed a ground up prototype building for a previous in-line space concept. The initial phase encompassed a comprehensive site analysis, understanding the unique characteristics of the chosen location.  We combined several typical design elements and standard graphics translating the brand’s essence into a tangible and functional space, maintaining the consistency of the brand by integrating the distinctive elements of the Huey Magoo’s brand, such as color schemes, signage, and interior aesthetics. MRP Design Group developed complete permit, bid, and construction drawings including architectural , structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. MRP also worked with the equipment vendor to establish connection details for all the standard kitchen equipment. During the construction phase we worked with the general contractor to adjust as required based on construction conditions.

Throughout the entire process, the goal was to create an inviting and functional space that not only aligns with the Huey Magoo’s brand but also enhances the overall dining experience for customers.

Huey Magoos

November 15, 2023


Huey Magoo's