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MRP Design Group has won an award for best travelcenter design, by Convenience Store News, for the recently opened Arrowhead Travelcenter in Pendleton Oregon. The 18,000 square foot facility has a full size McDonald’s restaurant, large retail areas, and trucker amenities including lounges, showers, and laundry facilities. The facility also provides a large fueling area for autos with a separate fueling canopy for diesel trucks.

The previous Arrowhead Travelcenter which was originally built in the 1970’s was much too small to provide for the growth the retail facility has seen in recent years. Additional property was also purchased to provide parking for over 200 trucks and an auto parking area with room for large RV traffic.

Coverage of the Arrowhead Travelcenter and MRP Design Group will be in both the September and October issues of Convenience Store News.

MRP Design Group has now won this award for two years straight, with an award in 2008 for the Madison Travelcenter built in Madison Florida. We are proud of our contributions to the travelcenter industry. Please contact us today so we can discuss how we can put our 20 years of experience to work for your next site.

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