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Finishing Your Construction On Time and On Budget

As you’re beginning the talks about your new commercial construction or remodel, everything tends to circle around those all-important but finite resources of time and money. Budget is always a concern as no organization has an unlimited supply. Those stories we hear from our friends and colleagues about projects extending several months past the original timeline can make us wonder if any building project can be done on time and within budget.
But take heart, it can be done. A reputable architectural and engineering firm has just as much invested in your budget and timeline as you do because their reputation and integrity are on the line. They not only want your future business, but they also want you to heartily endorse them to your network.

Here are five important keys to finishing that commercial building project both on time and on budget.

Use a full-service architectural and engineering solution.

It’s probably no surprise that how you finish your project depends a great deal on how you begin it. And the most important first step is choosing not only a reputable architect, but a full-service architectural and engineering solution like MRP Design Group. In addition to architectural plans and leadership, a complete-solution organization can provide engineering and project management in-house and can better control costs and timelines.

Utilize an architect familiar with your type of project.

In addition to choosing a reputable, full-service architectural firm, make sure the firm is familiar with your type of project. If you’re designing a fast-food restaurant, a firm that has done those and is familiar with the project scope will be in a better position to keep the project on time and on budget.

Have detailed, well thought-out plans.

This may seem like just good common sense, but the fact is that the more time and expertise put into the plan upfront, the more likely the build will stay within scope. Starting to build without a detailed, well-thought-out plan can mean disaster. Taking the time up front means fewer headaches later. Remember, good design pays for itself.

Utilize a competent construction project manager.

Construction project managers are specialized PMs that are familiar with all phases of construction and know what it takes to keep things going smoothly. They serve the project from beginning to end in a number of ways, including making sure materials are delivered just in time, labor is scheduled appropriately, contracts are negotiated, and permitting is completed. A reputable full-service architect like MRP Design Group can provide their own staff project manager that is familiar with your particular type of build.

Keep frequent, clear, and open communication through all phases.

It’s just a fact of life that no matter how well we plan, unexpected issues will come up. Suppliers run out. Workers get sick. Rain will come. Last minute changes need to be evaluated. This is where good communication is so valuable. Staying in touch and communicating the good and the not-so-good developments are crucial. Developing great communication within your extended team keeps things from falling through the cracks.

No system or organization is fail-proof and we can’t stave off every contingency. But with these five keys, you can get a much better handle on the budgetary and time constraints for your commercial building project.

At MRP Design Group we want to make you a hero by providing all these services and more to keep you on time and on budget. Contact us now to start a conversation on how we can serve you.

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