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MRP Design Group was recently approached to provide layout and design services for a beautiful new retail, restaurant, and fueling facility in Trinidad. The project which will be located on reclaimed property that was previously swamp area. Utilizing special technology the land will be loaded up with additional dirt which will compact and help remove moisture. The project is designed to receive the following:

  • 10 fueling lane fuel canopy which will dispense gasoline, diesel, and natural gas.
  • 6000 SF convenience store
  • 3000 SF Wendy’s restaurant
  • 1600 SF Dairy Queen restaurant
  • 1600 SF KFC restaurant
  • 1500 SF Pizza Hut restaurant
  • 1500 SF Bakery
  • 1500 SF Coffee shop
  • 1500 SF Subway restaurant
  • 13,000 SF Auto Dealership

MRP has provided a site layout, floor plans, and exterior elevations design services. MRP will also develop architectural drawings for construction with coordination with engineers in Trinidad. With land costing a premium the development will be originally constructed as a single story with an option to construct a second floor in the future.

All the staff here at MRP are excited to work on this unique retail center and as you can imagine several have volunteered to do a site visit.

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