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1967 Mustang Fastback Painted Red

Mustang Project:  February 2017

Time for some color!

Well, after a few months of fitting and adjusting the new fiberglass body components to the existing body we are ready to add some color. I was amazed at how much adjusting is required to conform the fiberglass to the sheet metal. I also visited the shop where I was able to view a partially disassembled real Shelby allowing me to see that fit was not a real big concern when the original Shelbys were produced utilizing standard Mustangs like mine in California by Carroll Shelby’s staff.

I must say that color selection was a concern for me on this project. While I grew up thinking candy apple red metallic was the best color you could have on a car I ultimately decided to go with a non metal flake candle apple red on this car. I also decided to go with Wimbledon white stripes as opposed to bright white like most of the newer Shelby’s you see on the road today. Both of these color selections are in keeping with the color palate used back when these cars were produced in 1967. These colors were also the overwhelming favorite of the staff here at MRP Design Group.

From here the shop tells me it takes about 250 hours to reassemble the vehicle including new electrical, drive train, interior, etc. Of course with this comes many more decisions to be made on everything from what type of seats to what type of radiator to use. Much of the original and tired suspension, and other items, will be replaced with new and in many cases better technology. And being in my mid 50’s I plan to add several creature comforts including air conditioning, power disc brakes, and power steering.

Well, hopefully my next photos will actually start to resemble a car…

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