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67 Shelby Mustang Restoration Engine

Well the Mustang is really looking like a car now!

In addition to the motor and transmission, the team at OFI Classic Cars  has completed the front end and suspension. Although it is hard to appreciate the craftsmanship in the photos, they have completed most of the interior as well.

During the last visit I looked at several tire and wheel combinations.  I finally decided on the wheel that is very close to an original Shelby wheel (while costing much, much less.)

Another significant upgrade to the car will be an air conditioning system. It’s hard to imagine that I drove this car all those years with just a window crank to control the “air conditioning.”  Nowadays no one would even consider a car without it.

We are quickly working through the final check-off list; the car should be ready to drive soon. Oh, and for those keeping track, it has been just over one year since it went to the shop to start this makeover.

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