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JC Attanasio Project Coordinator

JC Attanasio, another project coordinator at MRP Design Group, spent most of his early life living in Peru where he was born. Despite having several doctors in his family, JC felt fate pull him in a different direction when he was younger. By the time he was 7 or 8 years old, JC was neck deep in “construction supplies.” He enjoyed building whatever he could conjure up in his mind, using only the tools and materials he found laying around on streets and near construction sites. The excitement he experienced from this flourished throughout those early years. In school, JC soaked up everything he possibly could before receiving his Bachelor’s degree in architecture with a concentration in project management.

On a daily basis, JC steps into the office and is almost immediately on the phone with a client, resolving various project/production issues arising at any and every possible stage of the architectural process. With an impressive track record from just under 30 years of experience, JC is one of the most experienced project coordinators here at MRP Design Group. Having worked at many various architecture firms, JC has grown quite accustomed to the level of control he has now at MRP. JC describes the work environment here as unique and, in his view, ideal for architects seeking to learn how to handle the many complexities of managing the building process from start to finish.

Back in the day, JC had a room dedicated to drawings and photographs of architecture he admired. Now, the room is still filled with these photographs–only each framed project has been designed by JC himself.

  • Full-time project coordinator, husband, and father
  • Part-time boxer and Netflix-binger
  • Was a golf aficionado prior to a shoulder injury
  • Grew up riding motorcycles
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