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MRP Design Group Team Awards

Employee loyalty is dead, or at least that’s the general perception, and study after study seems to confirm it’s true. Today’s employees will have an average of nine different jobs in their career—nine different jobs! It truly is a rare pleasure for a company to have a dedicated and loyal team. So what do you do when you have employees who are productive, talented, creative, loyal and all-around great people to work with? You celebrate!

At MRP Design Group our team members bring their best to work each and every day. “I am proud to recognize the dedicated service of these individuals. Our firm is fortunate to have such loyal employees. Each of them has grown in their field and I thank them for their contributions to MRP Design Group,” reflects Ken Dalton, President of MRP Design Group.

Although she is celebrating an impressive 20 years with MRP Design Group, Stephanie Hilderbrand actually joined our parent company 33 years ago, years before even graduating from high school. As the Office Manager, Stephanie is the “voice” of MRP Design Group, the linchpin of the office, the glue that binds everyone together. The entire office has become dependent upon her organizational skills, strong memory and unflappable calm in the midst of a “situation”.

Another anniversary was recently marked by Dennis Stenzoski, who celebrated 15 years with MRP Design Group in March. After serving 15 years with our parent company, Dennis brought his expertise in project structural design using steel to our practice. Today, Dennis provides final check of all construction drawings produced by the firm.

Several other notable anniversaries were also celebrated including Ken Mason, Frank Austin and Shawn Beatty, each marking 5 years and Bill Lotz commemorating 10 years with MRP Design Group.

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