With an impressive track record from just under 30 years of experience, JC is one of the most experienced project coordinators here at MRP Design Group.

Like most of the other project coordinators, Quinn is heavily involved with the management and drafting processes on a multitude of commercial architecture projects.

With more than 30 years designing retail fuel centers, MRP Design Group has seen it…

Well, the last step of the 67 Mustang Shelby clone restore is the addition of a state-of-the-art design stereo system. The completed system sounds great! 

If you walk into the office, there’s a good chance you’ll hear Robert on the phone discussing architectural issues with clients. After all, his job as project coordinator revolves around catching problems or special circumstances within municipalities prior to construction.

The highly competitive hospitality industry is always looking for the latest innovative ideas to keep them winning in the struggle to keep guests happy. Although a hotel’s services and amenities are still important, what’s becoming even more important is the hotel’s ambiance—or how it makes guests feel.

There’s never a dull day at the office for our Director of Architecture, Tom Morgan, whether it’s researching code issues for job sites or providing assistance to the project coordinators.

As a young adolescent willing to grab each and every passing opportunity, Dennis quickly discovered he had a proclivity for architecture through a vocational program at his high school. At just 17 years old, Dennis spent four hours each afternoon with a drafting board, honing his craft. 

Prior to MRP Design Group’s most recent hotel project, Homewood Suites by Hilton in Augusta, we worked closely with the owners of the four-story hotel to understand precisely how they envisioned the quintessential guest experience.

Since its inception in 1984, Culver’s quickly became a household name throughout the Midwest, spreading…

In addition to the motor and transmission, the front end, suspension and interior have been completed in this 67 Mustang Shelby clone restoration.

Our project list in 2017 was diverse, from hotels to travel centers and medical offices to assisted living facilities. Oh, and restaurants, lots of restaurants.

The Mustang has crossed a critical step in its rebuild, the motor has been connected and tuned by the fine staff at Twister Motors aka Grimes Machine Shop in Alpharetta, GA.  Check out the video!